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Free Photoshop tips for beginners

Fantasy image on iMac
Photoshop as the paint brush but what are you painting?

Photoshop can be daunting to learn. Even for a simple edit.

After years of using Photoshop I still find myself learning the program.

Yet with the right approach you can be using Photoshop in no time with confidence.

Which brings us to the free photoshop tips I want to share with you before you jump on Photoshop.

Let's start by taking a step back and focus on what you want to use Photoshop for.

What is your end goal?

Photoshop is the paint brush but what are you planning to paint?

Photo editing?

Photo compositing?

Graphic design?

Social Media?

Or all of the above?!

Whatever you are using Photoshop for it all starts the same... with a vision of the end product.

So here's some tips to keep in mind when you are ready to start your project.

  1. Concept before Photoshop. Visualize the end result, whether it's a fine art portrait or wild photo composite. Then learn the tools you will need within Photoshop to accomplish this vision. Which brings us to the second point.

  2. Low then Grow. Whether a filter or adjustment layer or using color, start at a lower setting and increase from there. Low to Grow. Remember even a subtle change can bring a beautiful result when done well. Which brings us to number three.

  3. Do well, do you. Using these tools takes practice and patience but if the tool you are using is too difficult or not giving the result you want, try another technique. One thing I always say about Photoshop is there is a dozen ways to accomplish the same result. So try another technique. What works for them may not work for you. Do you.

  4. Walk away. Yup. Walk away and come back later to give it a fresh look. Staring at an image for too long can cause us to lose perspective. Giving a fresh look helps us see it in a new light. We can better judge our edits and whether they need adjustment.

  5. Ask questions. As I mentioned earlier, I am still learning especially with the constant upgrades Adobe does yearly, so I am always asking questions. Seeking help or constructive critisium. Reading, watching and practicing. So on to the last tip... number six.

  6. Learn, Practice, Evolve. You will always be learning. So start slow and grow from there.

And above all…Keep imagining. Keep creating. Keep evolving.

♡ Crystal


Is there something you would like me to cover in Photoshop? Contact me!


I have a BA degree in Advertising with over 20 years experience using Photoshop and two years experience exploring Photo Manipulation.


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