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You asked. I answered. But if you don't see the question below... they contact me and I'll answer ;)

  • What is an Imagination Image?
    Your Photo + Digital Scene. An Imagination Image is a digitally created scene with your photo incorporated to give the illusion that the subject's photo was taken within that scene. Because it is a digitally created piece the process of bringing it all together can be done remotely! See Examples > How it Works >
  • What is a Custom Made Digital Backdrop?
    A Custom Made Digital Backdrop is just that... Custom made based on the theme you want. I create it from scratch with any personalizations you would like to add. Your custom digital backdrop will never be reused or sold... it's just yours. When your digital backdrop is ready, I will send you easy-to-follow instructions for taking your photo (with your phone or camera) next you can upload them to me. Then I will begin blending your photo with your backdrop. Easy Peasy! Contact me to get started! > See Examples >
  • What is a Ready Made Digital Backdrop?
    A Ready Made Digital Backdrop is a digital backdrop I've already created and is ready for your photo to be placed with it. You can explore the available digital backdrops and once you made your selection, I will email you easy-to-follow instructions on how to take the photo (using your phone or camera) for the backdrop you choose. Next you can upload your photos. Then I create the magic of blending your photo with the backdrop. Ta-da! READY MADE DIGITAL BACKDROPS >> HOW IT WORKS >>
  • Will I receive a printed photo of my image?
    You will receive: (1) Web Sized Digital Download for sharing online or posting to social media. (1) 8x10 Professional Canvas Print mailed to your home. Printed on premium canvas and wrapped around a stretcher bar. Additional Professional Prints available for additional cost. Imagination Image Examples > How It Works >
  • What does Remote Service mean?
    Remote Services... Means we can create magic from long distances. You do not need to live near me to receive many of my services or products! Learn more >
  • I don't live near you, can I still get an image?
    Yes! Imagination Images are created digitally which gives us the ability to imagine remotely. We can start from scratch with a Custom Digital Backdrop or you can choose from Ready Made Digital Backdrops. Once you choose either Custom or Ready Made, then I will send you easy-to-follow instructions to take your photo using your camera or phone. You will upload your photos to me and I will blend your photo with your scene... Ta-da! How It Works > Imagination Image Examples > Ready Made Digital Backdrops >
  • Can you replace the background on my photo?
    Yes! In most cases, I can take your photo and give you a new digital background! For you or your client... just contact me, show me the photo and let's discuss what you are imagining for the background. Learn more >
  • Can you edit my photo?
    Yes! In most cases, I can edit your photo to add more style, overlays or just clean up and brighten! Contact me, show me your photo(s) and let's get started! Learn more >
  • I am a photographer, can you create custom digital backdrops I can offer my clients?
    Yes! I love to work with other photographers and am always happy to create a digital backdrop that you may have in mind for a mini session or holiday or just a little girl dreaming of being a princess. Contact me today, let me know what scenes you are imagining and let's start creating! Contact me >
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